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A Little About Me and My Work

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Tippy in the tulips.JPG
As a New Mexico artist I love, have always loved, the little things in nature: bugs, snails, little animals, flowers, pebbles, and leaves, and my paintings and drawings are an expression of that love. 

      I can not remember a time when I did not draw. As a child my drawings were done with crayons and markers on the backs of printed office memos from my father's work and the subject matter was, as it is now, mostly from my yard. Growing up in Kentucky, with winters both dark and wet, I longed for spring and the first blooms of the forsythia bushes. Sitting under them I would watch the sleepy bees gather nectar. As the days warmed I fed sugar to the ants that lived between the cracks in the stone patio and picked the wild violets that grew under the shade of our locust trees. In summer, I'd lay in the grass and watch insects and search for anything growing or blooming in our little yard. 

Today, in my small garden or on walks with by the nearby seasonal stream with my husband and son, my searches continue, but now we take a camera. And when the cold but sunny winter comes... when the gardens and animals are asleep, and the birds and insects of summer are gone, I replay the summer in my studio. With colored pencils and paint, I live happily creating my art, until my wild friends, or their children, wake up or return in the spring.  


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